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Jacob Hinds
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Note to self: do more journals

Mkay. So I've put off doing a journal for months, not because nothing of interest has happened (the total opposite, actually) but mainly because my memory's terrible. I open the dA tab almost every day but keep forgetting to do another journal (correct verb use?) But here we are.

In my last journal, I mentioned that I was writing a novel. Turns out I've finished it and I'm already a good way into the sequel. I'd like to publish it here on dA, but I'm really nitpicky with plotholes and the technical elements of storytelling, and it's not in a state where I'd feel totally happy with it. I'll go back and fix it at some point. In the meantime, however, I'll post a few exerpts along with a short story I've written.

Along widdat, I started university a few weeks ago. I'm taking japanese (It's a surprisingly easy language. No, seriously. The grammar is the tidiest thing ever) and a couple of history courses in the medieval middle east that will basically be muscle memory for me. Thanks to this, I've developed a habit where I automatically start reading all and any japanese text I see, which is quite a lot given that it's an island nation on the other side of the world.
(Now I know what it feels like to be a japanese person whose life is invaded by this weird, disorganised and hard-to-learn language called english)
Lecturers keep going on about how 'you're gonna visit japan' like it's on the syllabus or something.

I went on holiday, got bitten by a 15cm centipede. No sooner had I landed than CuSith107 told me about the manga jiman, a UK competiton hosted by the japanese embassy over here in the imperial motherland. I came up with a story in about a minute (not an exaggeration) and spent the next month drawing furiously until I'd got 8 poorly-planned pages of a half-baked story. But I'm very happy with the drawings themselves, and I learned a lot about composition and framing - things that have shot me in the buttox several times in the past.
I'll post all the pages up once the competition is over - I'm not allowed to publish it before the judges have made a decision.
Interestingly enough, the first prize is a trip to japan - funny how these things work out, eh?

In conclusion (I'm in essay mode, forgive me) i got a lot done this summer. I structure my free time like some sort of fascist, but this year it really paid off since I had a lot of bits and pieces hanging around, and I urgently needed to get them off my back before university started again. Gotta tell you, if you're in a similar boat, find the time and get all these sort of things done. It's so satisfying not waking up with a bunch of un-done stuff.

Anyway (how the hell d'you end these things, feels like a phonecall) bye
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