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The Crimean Tapestry by AxiaTerraArtUnion
The Crimean Tapestry
Silly drawing done in the style of the bayeux tapestry.


Putinus Rex - King Putin.
A parody of "Harold Rex", which shows up in the tapestry to mark Harold Godwinson.

Ianucovix Procurator Et Concordia Europae - President Victor Yanucovych and the European Union.

Motus Flammeus - The Orange Revolution. 
Refers to the protests following yanucovych's rejection of the european union.

Ista Mirant Aeroplanum - People Gazing at the Aeroplane.
A Parody of "Ista Mirant Stella", which shows up in the tapestry to mark the comet that appeared in the sky in 1066. Refers to the Dutch flight downed by rockets over Ukraine.

Poroxenco Porcurator - President Petro Poroshenko.

Iaponica - Japanese (things).
Refers to Natalia Poklonskaya, who annexed hearts all over Iaponia and among the Foederati Iaponici (weeaboos)

Pugnis Certae - Black Box.
Refers to the (almost certainly intentional) theft of the black box from the downed aircaft. A parody of drawings in the tapestry showing people stealing from the dead after the battle of hastings.

Ruthenia Hodie - Russia Today.
Refers to the laughable news station, and the "local witnesses" who were in fact a single actress.

Feel free to correct my Latin. :]
In the Style of Ukiyo E by AxiaTerraArtUnion
In the Style of Ukiyo E
Ukiyo-e is what most people think of when you say "Japanese art". It involves chiseling pieces of wood in order to print repeatedly on paper. Like all Japanese art forms, it's autisticly meticulous and takes years of training to reach a normal standard. But it allowed Lords and spin-doctors during the dull-as-nails Edo era (1603-1868) to print of thousands of paintings for commoners to look at.

They were basically medieval Japanese superhero posters depicting real people doing some really stupid stuff (holding two swords while on horseback without a helmet with your enemies flying up in the air), and were sometimes written in panels, like comic books (early manga, anyone?). Japan also had a decent enough literacy rate during the Edo era that it was possible for stories to be widely distributed in this fashion. It was like the printing press in Europe around the same time, except based around drawings and visuals rather than words. The sheer number of Kanji (letters/characters) in Japanese meant that a printing press was never feasible, so it was far easier to simply write words by hand, or...convey the message through drawings. This is one of the reasons why comics slotted in so neatly in post war Japan; the traditions were already there.

Ukiyo-e evolved into a base for propaganda after the Meiji restoration in 1868. The sudden modernization of Japan allowed the government to act practically unopposed in China and Russia, leading to some shocking victories against the Chinese and the Russians. Some of the more extravagant and action-packed Ukiyo-e of this era were designed to portray the Chinese as backwards and the Russians as weak. Explosions and ship battles were very common themes. Many of the visual conventions explored at this time were to heavily influence Manga and Anime in the following century.


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Jacob Hinds
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Note to self: do more journals

Mkay. So I've put off doing a journal for months, not because nothing of interest has happened (the total opposite, actually) but mainly because my memory's terrible. I open the dA tab almost every day but keep forgetting to do another journal (correct verb use?) But here we are.

In my last journal, I mentioned that I was writing a novel. Turns out I've finished it and I'm already a good way into the sequel. I'd like to publish it here on dA, but I'm really nitpicky with plotholes and the technical elements of storytelling, and it's not in a state where I'd feel totally happy with it. I'll go back and fix it at some point. In the meantime, however, I'll post a few exerpts along with a short story I've written.

Along widdat, I started university a few weeks ago. I'm taking japanese (It's a surprisingly easy language. No, seriously. The grammar is the tidiest thing ever) and a couple of history courses in the medieval middle east that will basically be muscle memory for me. Thanks to this, I've developed a habit where I automatically start reading all and any japanese text I see, which is quite a lot given that it's an island nation on the other side of the world.
(Now I know what it feels like to be a japanese person whose life is invaded by this weird, disorganised and hard-to-learn language called english)
Lecturers keep going on about how 'you're gonna visit japan' like it's on the syllabus or something.

I went on holiday, got bitten by a 15cm centipede. No sooner had I landed than CuSith107 told me about the manga jiman, a UK competiton hosted by the japanese embassy over here in the imperial motherland. I came up with a story in about a minute (not an exaggeration) and spent the next month drawing furiously until I'd got 8 poorly-planned pages of a half-baked story. But I'm very happy with the drawings themselves, and I learned a lot about composition and framing - things that have shot me in the buttox several times in the past.
I'll post all the pages up once the competition is over - I'm not allowed to publish it before the judges have made a decision.
Interestingly enough, the first prize is a trip to japan - funny how these things work out, eh?

In conclusion (I'm in essay mode, forgive me) i got a lot done this summer. I structure my free time like some sort of fascist, but this year it really paid off since I had a lot of bits and pieces hanging around, and I urgently needed to get them off my back before university started again. Gotta tell you, if you're in a similar boat, find the time and get all these sort of things done. It's so satisfying not waking up with a bunch of un-done stuff.

Anyway (how the hell d'you end these things, feels like a phonecall) bye
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